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Made by us or loved by us, either way these are some of our favorite goodies for your home.

These awesome Avatar The Last Airbender room sprays are hand made by me, in celebration of my wife's most beloved TV show.
You can choose one single 4 oz spray that represents what bender you are, or what nation you love the most or you can get the whole set.

These are 4 oz amber spray bottles with essential oil scents that best represent the season, geology, traditions or general facts about each of the 4 nations.
For room scent purposes only, do not ingest.

AVATAr essential oil room spray


quinn is cute as heck. she's a ceramic vase gal and happens to look absolutely stunning with dried florals. it's a little bit boho, a little bit modern and the softest touch of mid-century. we love her and she's definitely a favorite.

Measures 4.5 x 4.5 x 8"H

2.18 lb

quinn vase



1. Shop with intention, lifelong items will make you happier.
2. Purchase recyclable items, ditch the plastic.
3. Keep it light, it's proven to uplift your mood. 
4. Shop small, when you look at each item you'll know your supported a REAL human. 
5. Only buy it, if it makes you smile.
6. Hi, we love you...thanks for shopping <3

our promise.

We'll search high and low for cuteness, we'll create little babes that we'd put in our own house and we'll source our products from smaller businesses or growing businesses. You won't find big box store items, large china made website products, you'll find REAL goods hand selected by us. Quality items with a dreamy vision in mind.

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