Love Sparrows consists of us, Shelia & Allyson Sparrow! We have a passion for making people feel like the ideas they have in their heads (or on their pinterest boards) can come to light for big moments in their lives.

Creating a company that feels fun, welcoming and positive was of the utmost importance to us. Let’s be friends and enjoy creating your wedding day together, with tons of smiles and laughter.

Allyson began her creative endeavor as a flowery goddess and Shelia quickly fell in love with mixology and being a bartending boss.

We design one of a kind creations, just for you, ONLY for you. Every single wedding means we get to deliver a feast of texture filled blooms, an interactive piece of art for your mouth, or be your sidekick full of knowledge and smiles.

We live in the mountains, we're free spirits, and we LOVE our dogs. Adventure fuels us, and negativity isn't welcome in our world. We both have different talents, but as a team, we can provide everyone an array of services, perfectly balanced to create your dreams. Allyson loves creating, and Shelia loves executing and building. This is what makes us happy, it's what we want to do...and we'd love to share that happiness with you.

Allyson is a certified Wedding Planner & Floral Designer by The New York Institute of Art + Design. Shelia is a certified bartender from The National Bartenders School.

We've got this. Trust us!


We’ve handpicked a team of gals straight from the heavens.
Well, not really but, we think they’re really rad. As I’m sure you will too.

We’ve handpicked a team of gals straight from the heavens. Well, not really but, we think they’re really rad. As I’m sure you will too.



She’s full of fun, sarcasm and a whole lot of organization! Kathy can’t cook anything but Jalapeno Poppers, aside from that she’s a pretty talented gal. Kathy is commonly found popping open beers and making your guests laugh. We’ll keep her. 


Coordinating + Floral Designer

This is Michelle. She’s a natural when it comes to florals. She is professional and gets the job done no matter what circumstances arise. If you need a gal to make decisions “lickity-split, look no further! Not only does she coordinate and do florals, as an added bonus this babe is a make-up artist and microblader. No big deal, she’s just super skilled and happens to be ours.


Coordinating + Bartending

This social butterfly is Justine. Behind the bar, she is always making your guests laugh and have a good time. When she coordinates, you’ll feel like she’s been your friend for a lifetime and you can ask her for anything. You’ll hear a bunch of “yaaaa girllll”s from her + highly encourages fun energy, but don’t be mistaken, she’s one heck of an organizer and boss babe. Yup, another keeper.

our promise.

We'll deliver blooms we'd want on our big day. We'll put each arrangement together with our own hands. If we bartend for you, you’ll get a boozey knowledge filled babe with the personality of a BFF. If we coordinate for you, we'll be your bridal sidekick. Everything we do, we do with Love. We promise, for your big day, you will SEE our love.